25 migrants found in refrigerated container

25 migrants found in refrigerated container

A few weeks after the discovery of 39 bodies in a refrigerated truck in the UK, migrants have been found in a refrigerated container. The 25 unknowns had punched a hole in the trailer and could be rescued. They were found on a Danish cargo ferry on Tuesday. As the shipping company DFDS announced to the German Press Agency in the late evening, the group had tried to get from the Netherlands to the UK hidden in the refrigerated semi-trailer aboard the “Britannia Seaways”.

The ship was on the way from Vlaardingen to Felixstowe in the afternoon. However, it turned after a good 90 minutes after the migrants were discovered, as DFDS spokesman Gert Jakobsen said. In Vlaardingen near Rotterdam, the migrants were received by police and rescue workers.

According to the Danish shipping company, migrants suffered hypothermia. According to the Rotterdam police, 23 of them were taken to a police station after the medical examination, two to the hospital for medical treatment. For the origin of the migrants, there was initially no information.

According to information from the Dutch newspaper “AD”, in recent years more and more people have tried illegally to travel to the UK from the port of Rotterdam. Last year, 1,371 people were caught trying.

In October, 39 bodies had been discovered in a refrigerated truck east of London. A ship had previously brought the container from Belgium to England. The victims came from Vietnam. Every year, thousands of migrants are illegally brought to the UK.

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