“Security Act” in Hong Kong: at least 180 arrests

"Security Act" in Hong Kong: at least 180 arrests

Around 180 people are said to have been arrested one day after the “Security Act” came into force. Thousands gather at protests on Wednesday.

Police protested at least 180 people in Hong Kong protests against China’s security law on Wednesday. As the police told the Chinese Special Administrative Region on Twitter, they arrested protesters who violated the new law in seven cases. The first to be arrested is said to be a man who flown a flag calling for Hong Kong independence in Causeway Bay on Tuesday, police said.

After the controversial law came into force, many people took to the streets to protest despite the ban on demonstrations. Many flocked from Victoria Park to Causeway Bay. Wednesday is also the 23rd anniversary of the return of the British Crown Colony to China on July 1, 1997. “Resistance to the end” and “Independence for Hong Kong” chanted the demonstrators.

The police have mobilized a large number of security forces and used water cannons and pepper spray. According to the police, around 30 people were arrested on Wednesday.

According to the new law, a lot has been banned in Hong Kong since Wednesday that was previously covered by the right to freedom of expression. Among other things, it is aimed at “undermining national unification”. This means efforts to seek independence for Hong Kong or other areas that Beijing sees as part of the People’s Republic. It also opposes “undermining state authority”, “terrorism” or “secret collusion” with forces abroad.

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