The organizer of the terrorist attacks in Russia caught in Syria

The organizer of the terrorist attacks in Russia caught in Syria

In Syria, the militant of the Islamic State, responsible for organizing terrorist attacks in Russia and Germany, was caught, reports Hürriyet.

According to the head of the power department, the Turkish military managed to capture a terrorist named Jihad al-Din al-Nasir Ubeide. His code name is known – Yusuf Huda, he was one of the members of the senior management of the IG. According to Turkish security, he was engaged in the recruitment of militants on the Internet and the preparation of terrorist attacks and killings.

He is allegedly responsible for 20 terrorist attacks in different countries and the creation of a network of suicide bombers. It is also reported that he was involved in organizing a terrorist attack in Russia in 2018, and also prepared an attack on a shopping center in German Hamburg.

In 2017, a suicide bomber associated with the banned terrorist organization Al Qaeda detonated an explosive device in a Petersburg metro train. 16 people were killed, including the terrorist himself, a native of Kyrgyzstan Akbarjon Jalilov. 67 people were injured

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