US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion: face slapping for “Life Guards”

US Supreme Court’s decision on abortion: face slapping for "Life Guards"

The U.S. Supreme Court has received controversial law for stricter abortion rules in the state of Louisiana. The law, which would have had far-reaching consequences for the continued existence of abortion clinics in Louisiana, was unconstitutional, ruled five of the nine Supreme Court judges on Monday. It was the first ruling on the highly controversial issue of abortion in the United States that the Supreme Court passed with its new conservative majority. Chief Justice John Roberts joined four more liberal judges in the decision.

The White House spoke of an “unfortunate judgment”. The Supreme Court has devalued the health of the mothers and the lives of the unborn children, said spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany.

The law in Louisiana stipulated that only doctors who were authorized to admit patients to a nearby hospital, if complications occurred were allowed to terminate the pregnancy. Due to the difficulty of obtaining such an approval, several abortion clinics were threatened with the end. Only one clinic with one doctor would have remained, although no more than 30 percent of all around 10,000 abortions could have been carried out annually, as the court said. The law does not offer any significant health benefits, but is instead a “major obstacle” for women who wish to have an abortion.

House Speaker, Democrat Nancy Pelosi, welcomed the court’s decision. “The draconian abortion ban in Louisiana was a clear and willful violation of the constitution,” said Pelosi. The law was designed to deprive women of their right to decide about their health, their bodies and family planning.

The Supreme Court had an almost identical law in Texas in 2016, which resulted in 20 out of 40 abortion clinics being closed. The state justified the law by wanting to protect women’s health.

US President Donald Trump has appointed two of the nine judges during his term of office, thereby giving the court a conservative majority. Proponents of abortion feared that conservative overweight in the Supreme Court could limit the right to abortion.

The issue of abortion is highly controversial in the United States. Trump had previously advocated leaving the decision to terminate the pregnancy to women. During the 2016 election campaign, the Republican changed his mind and declared that he was committed to protecting unborn life.

A fundamental judgment of the Supreme Court from 1973, which is called “Roe v. Wade” is known to legalize abortions. Trump and many of his Republicans advocate reopening this verdict.

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