Biden can lift sanctions with ‘three executive orders’: Iran’s Zarif

Biden can lift sanctions with 'three executive orders': Iran's Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said that Iran would fully implement its 2015 nuclear deal if U.S. President-elect Joe Biden lifts sanctions on Tehran.

“If Mr. Biden is willing to fulfill U.S. commitments, we too can immediately return to our full commitments in the accord… and negotiations are possible within the framework of the P5 + 1 (six world powers in the accord),” Zarif said in the interview posted on the website of the state-run daily Iran on Wednesday.

“We are ready to discuss how the United States can re-enter the accord,” Zarif said. “The situation will improve in the next few months. Biden can lift all sanctions with three executive orders.”

Biden had said that he would rejoin the 2015 nuclear accord if Iran also returns to compliance.

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