Dispute over postal voting in the US: Emergency aid for post decided

Dispute over postal voting in the US: Emergency aid for post decided

In the US dispute over the postal vote, the Democrats want to support the Post financially in order to secure the vote. Trump announces his veto.

The US House of Representatives has decided to provide emergency aid for the state post in the amount of 25 billion dollars with a view to possible problems with postal voting. In addition, recent cuts in the post office should be reversed to ensure the timely delivery of postal ballot papers before the November election, said the Democrats who introduced the bill. The Republicans, however, spoke of an election maneuver and President Donald Trump announced his veto of the law.

Trump only warned again on Saturday via Twitter that a postal vote would open the door to electoral fraud. The Democratic leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, simply let Trump’s remarks roll off. “Don’t pay attention to what the president says, because everything is designed to limit the vote,” she said, referring to the presidential election on November 3rd.

Recently, reports of delays in deliveries of items had fueled concerns that there could also be problems with the sending of postal voting documents. This is particularly important in this turbulent election year, especially since millions of Americans in Corona times are likely to vote by letter in order to avoid going to the polling station.

It is true that the new post chief Louis DeJoy – a Republican financier and trump’s confidante – only assured him at a hearing in the Senate on Friday that the punctual delivery of postal voting documents was his “number one priority”.

But Democrats remain skeptical as to whether the Postal Service can cope with the additional workload expected in the pandemic, especially since DeJoy initiated a series of cuts and changes in the processes that the Democrats believe were responsible for the recent delays. The post chief admitted at the Senate hearing that there was a slight slump in services, but denied reports of widespread delays and other problems.

The planned law is now intended to reverse cuts in the number of mailboxes and sorting systems of the Post. With a majority of 257 to 150 – and therefore more than two dozen Republican votes – the project passed the House of Representatives in a rare Saturday meeting.

But in the Republican-dominated Senate, he is not given any chances. The majority leader there, Mitch McConnell, is instead considering integrating around ten billion dollars for the post into the next Corona aid package.

Immediately before the vote in the House of Representatives, Trump wrote on Twitter: “This is all another hoax”. And the debate in Congress itself also made it clear how hardened the fronts are. “We are here today because our democracy is being undermined by this government,” said Democratic MP Jim McGovern, chairman of the rules and regulations committee.

Trump is trying to stop postal elections because he is afraid that so many Americans will vote that he will lose the White House. “It’s a stupid, stupid law,” said Republican MP Tom Cole.

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