‘No, we do not live in forests’: Austrian minister to Trump

'No, we do not live in forests': Austrian minister to Trump

The Austrian government has spoken up to correct US President Donald Trump’s claim that people in its country live in “forest cities”.

“There have been both serious and humorous conversations on social media about the ‘exploding trees’ (Trump) mentioned, as well as the fact that he claimed we live within ‘forest cities’ which never catch fire,” Elisabeth Koestinger wrote. “As Austrians, fortunately blessed with a healthy sense of humor, we normally take such cliches about our country in our stride.”

“In reality, Austria is a country situated in the heart of Europe, where people do not live in the forest, but rather with the forest and in a close, sustainable relationship with the natural environment,” she wrote.

“To clarify: No, we don’t have any exploding trees in Austria,” Koestinger said.

Calling in to Fox News on Tuesday, Trump said: “You look at countries, Austria, you look at so many countries. They live in the forest, they’re considered forest cities. So many of them. And they don’t have fires like this. And they have more explosive trees.”

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