Protests and coronavirus show US ‘internal crises’: Putin

Protests and coronavirus show US ‘internal crises’: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that US anti-racism protests are a “sign of some deep-seated internal crises.”

“If this fight for natural rights, legal rights, turns into mayhem and rioting, I see nothing good for the country,” Putin said in an interview with state-run TV channel Rossiya-1.

“Things connected to the fight with the coronavirus have shone a spotlight on general problems,” he said, according to AFP. While Russia is “exiting the coronavirus situation steadily with minimal losses, God willing,” he added, “in the States it isn’t happening that way.”

Russia has registered around 529,000 cases, the third highest in the world. It has recorded just under 7,000 deaths from Covid-19. Moscow has also been accused by the EU of promoting disinformation on the pandemic.

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