Trump denies virtual TV debate

Trump denies virtual TV debate

US President Donald Trump does not want to participate in a second virtual TV debate with Joe Biden. It is no longer contagious, he claims.

US President Donald Trump refuses to participate in the second TV debate with Joe Biden, should it be held virtually in view of the coronavirus infection of the president. The purpose of this is to “protect the health of all those involved,” the commission responsible for the debates explained on Thursday.

Trump was infected with the coronavirus and was taken to a hospital last Friday. “I will not do a virtual debate,” he said in an interview with Fox Business Networks. Incidentally, it is not contagious.

According to the Commission’s plans, the incumbent and his Democratic challenger will be in different places when the debate takes place next Thursday (October 15th). Moderator Steve Scully and the audience will come together at the planned venue in Miami, Florida.
In their first television duel on September 29, the two opponents had heated arguments. Trump tested positive for the coronavirus three days later. After three days of inpatient treatment, the 74-year-old was discharged from the hospital on Monday. In surveys, Biden currently leads with a lead of around ten percentage points nationwide.

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