Trump questions US election date – tweeting against democracy

Trump questions US election date – tweeting against democracy

In a tweet, Donald Trump doubts the legitimacy of the November ballot box. He warns of the most fraudulent choice in US history.

Two bad news from Washington shake the USA on Wednesday morning. One comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the Ministry of Commerce. It confirms that the country’s economy contracted 32.9 percent in the second quarter of this year. There was no such drastic shrinking process even during the Great Depression in the 1930s.

The second bad news comes directly from the President’s finger. He tweeted (followed by three question marks): “Postponing the elections until people can vote properly, securely and securely ???” His reasoning: by making it easier to vote by letter, it would be “the most imprecise and fraudulent election in the world and in US history.”

The tweet, 96 days before the elections, is the highlight of a long Donald Trump campaign. It undermines trust in the ballot box. Trump has been claiming for years without evidence that there are massive election frauds.

However, as coronavirus infections have forced more and more states to quarantine again in recent weeks, while the country’s economy is in ruins and unemployment is rising dramatically – an additional 1.43 million applications have been received last week on unemployment benefits – Trump intensified its efforts to torpedo the November 3 new election.

Whether the US president has the right to postpone the election is controversial. What is certain is that he will further deepen the chaos in the US. In an attempt to reduce the risk of contagion when voting, all states are working to offer voters a postal vote in November. Since the organization of elections is a matter for the individual states, the procedure differs greatly. While some states have long practiced postal voting, it is completely new elsewhere.

In any case, the suspected democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is currently leading all opinion polls with a large lead over Trump. The Republicans fear that the generalized postal voting option could increase the democratic lead.

Republican politicians in numerous states have created numerous new bureaucratic hurdles for voters in recent years. Among other things, they have introduced new ID and registration requirements, closed polling stations and shortened the times for voting. Typical voters of democrats across the United States – poor, students and African-Americans – are particularly affected.

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