US election campaigner Joe Biden:The pale candidate

US election campaigner Joe Biden:The pale candidate

In the US election campaign, Trump’s challenger Biden finds himself cornered by the constant fire from the president. He doesn’t get on the offensive.

US President Donald Trump’s challenger in the November 3rd elections remains strangely pale in the current clashes over racist police violence and violent protests. It was not Democrat Joe Biden who gave the reconciliation and healing speech that a responsible president should have given, but Julia Jackson, the mother of Jacob Blake, who was seriously injured by the police in Kenosha. The fact that Biden, unlike Donald Trump, had extensively telephoned Blake’s family doesn’t do much in the public eye. At least not to portray Biden as a trustworthy and determined acting actor.

Biden is under constant fire from the incumbent president. In dozens of tweets, interviews, speeches and press conferences, Trump conjures up the horror scenario of a country sinking into chaos and violence, should Joe Biden, this puppet of the radical left, be elected in November.

And Biden sees no alternative but to defend himself against it. When Trump says that Biden, like all Democrats, is “too weak on criminals,” he spends significant speaking time explaining that pillaging, looting and rioting are not legitimate protest. If Trump says that Biden wants to leave the USA to the chaos on the street, Biden asks in a deliberately casual old-man outfit whether he might look like a radical troublemaker.

Biden comes up with some good phrasing, but even those are passive and reactive. The currently visible violence is developing “not in a future Biden America, but in Trump’s America today,” said Biden on Monday. “Do youreallyfeelsafe in Trump’sAmerica?”

Relatively defenseless, Biden takes one insult after another from Trump’s Twitter account. He portrays him as a half-demented old man who’d better stay in the basement of his house in Delaware so as not to harm himself.

It would take Biden to be quick witted. Instead, on Tuesday, his campaign sent a 17-minute video of Biden and his runner-up, Kamala Harris, in which the two of them had “a socially distant conversation” three meters apart in a fireplace room. It’s so boring and self-centered that Trump might even be right in his assessment.

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