US officially leave WHO

US officially leave WHO

US President Trump makes his announcement and submits the resignation from the organization. The infections are climbing to a new high.

The United States has been a member of the WHO since June 21, 1948. At that time, the US Congress’s resolution to join the WHO said that the United States reserved the right to withdraw, albeit with a twelve-month notice period. It is therefore also a prerequisite that the US has paid all outstanding contributions to the WHO.

Numerous U.S. Democrats criticized the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from WHO. “On my first day as president, I will rejoin WHO and restore our leader on the world stage,” wrote Joe Biden, who plans to run against Democrats as Trump’s presidential nominee in November, on Twitter. “Americans are safer if America is committed to strengthening global health.”

The House of Representatives democratic chairwoman Nancy Pelosi wrote that the WHO exit was an “act of senselessness”. Trump is crippling the international fight against the coronavirus. The Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Eliot Engel, commented that the withdrawal was “completely confusing”. “Blaming the WHO will not make up for this government’s mistakes and will not undo the suffering our country has experienced.”

Trump’s decision to end cooperation with WHO in the middle of the corona crisis had already sparked criticism worldwide when it was announced in May. Trump makes serious allegations to the WHO in dealing with the pandemic: he accuses the UN specialized agency of informing about the risk of the coronavirus too late and of being under the control of the Chinese government.

In the meantime, a new record for the new infections with the coronavirus has been reached. Another 60,209 cases of infection were counted within 24 hours, according to figures published on Tuesday evening (local time) by Johns Hopkins University. The total number of infections rose to around 2.991 million. In addition, another 1,114 deaths from the infection were registered, bringing the total death toll to 131,362.

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