US Republican Congress: Trump’s uninspired gloom

US Republican Congress: Trump's uninspired gloom

US President Donald Trump speaks for 70 minutes at the end of the Republican party conference. His message: Scare off Joe Biden.
It was one of the longest speeches with which a US presidential candidate has ever accepted his nomination. But what Donald Trump delivered on Thursday evening at the end of the Republican Party Congress can be summed up in a few words: He was scared.
He did that when he was first elected four years ago. But unlike the foreign criminals, rapists and dealers he warned against at the time, this time he stoked fear of internal enemies – of “violent anarchists, agitators and criminals” who allegedly control his challenger, the democratic centrist Joe Biden to have.
In his more than 70-minute speech, Trump warned that with the election of Biden, the US would sink into the violence and chaos in which, according to his description, the democratically governed cities are already located.
Unsurprisingly, Trump described himself as the greatest US president since Abraham Lincoln. But the big issues that hit large parts of the US public this year did not even arise with him. He said nothing about the mass unemployment and nothing about the impoverishment of tens of millions of his compatriots, only brought success reports about his handling of the coronavirus, from the consequences of which more than 180,000 people in the US have already died, not a word about racism and that Police violence and was completely silent about the climate crisis.
The strangely uninspired speech, in which Trump focused on the charges against Biden as if he were the challenger, not the incumbent, ended a bizarre four-day Republican convention. Trump gave his speech in front of around 1,500 guests who were sitting close together and almost none of whom wore a mask. The final was played entirely in the White House garden. At a location that has been reserved for non-partisan politics since the dawn of US history.
Never before has a US president used his official residence, which is a federally owned building, for a campaign event. But Trump repeatedly faded in during the party congress with video clips from there. Among other things, he pardoned a convicted bank robber and presented documents of US citizenship to five immigrants. According to the New York Times, several of the five did not know that Trump was using them for his election campaign.
At the end of his party congress, Trump organized a fireworks display over the mall in central Washington, which is also federally owned, and that was also a break with usages and a finger finger for the overwhelmingly democratic population of the US capital. In the midst of his campaign speech at his officially non-partisan office, Trump said on Thursday: “We are here – they are not”. Many Democrats interpreted this as a renewed threat that Trump would not be willing to go voluntarily if he lost the election in November.
Already on Tuesday, the First Lady had used the Rose Garden of the White House for her appearance at the party. She appeared in a skin-tight military green costume and tried to portray her husband as “sensitive” and “loving”.
The US Secretary of State also violated the rules of his own ministry, which expressly forbids party political involvement in the service. Mike Pompeo joined the party congress from a business trip to Israel. On a roof in Jerusalem he praised Trump’s services to “peace in the Middle East”. His reasoning: Trump had canceled the nuclear treaty with Iran, moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and initiated a treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The ministry’s press office then said that Pompeo spoke in his spare time and that the ministry did not incur any costs.
It was a “dark, angry speech,” said Democratic presidential candidate Biden on Thursday night of Trump’s speech. House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday she would not advocate Biden enhancing Trump through a televised debate.
In his speech, as in other election campaign appearances, Trump primarily addressed his radical base. He also juggled racist suggestions again. Including the threat that Biden would destroy their suburbs – which alludes to a program by the Democrats to build apartments for poor and African American families in white middle-class suburbs.
For Trump, Biden is someone who is “on the wrong side of history”. As examples, Trump listed things with which he already campaigned against Hillary Clinton in his first election campaign. Including the free trade agreements. This time he added China as a warning. According to Trump, the US will belong to China if Biden is elected.
During Trump’s speech, a historic athlete strike took place in US basketball and baseball stadiums. They were protesting against police violence and the racism that Trump denies. The noise of a demonstration echoed into the garden from the forecourt of the White House. Among other things, the slogan rang out in front of the White House: “Lock him up”.

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