Anti-racism demo in London: the hero of Black Lives Matter

Anti-racism demo in London: the hero of Black Lives Matter

During the protests in London, a black fitness coach saw an alleged right-wing extremist injured on the ground – and helped him out.

Skipping rope, with the well-trained body of a personal trainer, as a weightlifter, coach for young athletes, kicking in combat training in Thailand or doing push-ups on the Jamaican beach – that’s how Patrick Hutchinson usually gives himself on his Instagram page workoutwithhutch.

Last weekend, however, he uploaded a new picture on social media. On this he carries an allegedly right-wing extremist man over his shoulder, whom he previously saved from a life-threatening combat situation. The photo of this scene, which came after the demonstrations and protests between anti-racists and partly right-wing extremist “patriotic conservationists” in London on Saturday, went around the world. That is why some now call Hutchinson heroes. “It’s not about black or white. We are all against the racists. We defended ourselves and protected those who needed us,” wrote Hutchinson, father of three daughters and grandfather, under the photo and added: “Let everyone know!”

Hutchinson, who lives in London-Wimbledon, volunteered with four friends, who also work for a security and personal protection company, to protect Black Lives Matters protesters. Some of his friends, all of them black and between 40 and 55, said that their primary concern was to protect black young men from themselves. “The murder of a white man by black young men would have jeopardized their future prospects,” said one.

Hutchinson, dressed in a black t-shirt and cap, spoke about the events of British television channels, including Channel 4 and ITV, of how he got into an uncanny situation on Saturday evening in which the man he later met on the Carried shoulder, was still on the floor and he sometimes could not see him at all. Some people, including his friends, wanted to protect the man, but the people around him were outraged. According to Hutchinson, the man lying on the floor couldn’t have survived. Without thinking, he would have taken the initiative and taken him to the police safely.

Hutchinson said of the wider context of his rescue operation: “Had the three policemen who just stood by George Floyd’s murder doing the way we did, George would still be alive today.” He stated his own goal almost modestly. “I just want equality for everyone and for my children and grandchildren. We did it because we are all human, some are darker, others less dark, depending on how far away they are from the equator. “It is impossible to just watch someone be killed if possible, to take action against it,” continued Hutchinson. The question of whether right-wing extremists would have done the same is irrelevant. “We are not them,” he said.

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