“Global Epidemic” regarding inactivity of children

"Global Epidemic" regarding inactivity of children

Four out of five 11- to 17-year-olds around the world do not move enough after the first such analysis. The World Health Organization says that children’s health is harmed as much as their brain development and social skills. In rich and poor countries, it is a universal problem not to train the recommended hour per day. Except for four of the 146 countries surveyed, boys were more active than girls. Pretty much anything that makes your heart beat faster and your lungs breathe harder.

It should include, among others:

• Running
• Cycling
• Swimming
• Soccer
• Hopping
• Skipping
• Gymnastics

The goal is a daily exercise of 60 minutes with medium to high intensity.

“I do not consider it a ridiculous goal,” says Dr. Fiona Bull from the WHO. “It’s evidence-based to ensure good health and development.” The difference between being moderate and strong is that you can still take a nap while exercising moderately, but you’re too breathless to chatter when exercising vigorously.

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