Oprah Winfrey’s magazine is discontinued

Oprah Winfrey's magazine is discontinued

The magazine “O” by the moderator Oprah Winfrey should only appear digitally from 2021 – despite a publish amount in the millions.

Oprah Winfrey has been the most successful talker on US television for decades, making her the first billionaire of African-American descent. Winfrey also set standards with a print product: The monthly magazine “O – The Oprah Magazine” has been published for 20 years and has a circulation of 2.2 million. The magazine is due to be discontinued at the end of the year.

The decision of the Hearst publishing house, which also publishes “Good Housekeeping” and “Cosmpolitan”, came unexpectedly. But the lucrative kiosk sales of “O” were only 250,000 and had recently been declining, according to the publisher. Overall, Hearst is also switching to digitally centered content.

“O – the Oprah Magazin” was one of the first personality magazines. It is about life support and entertainment. On every cover you can see Oprah Winfrey herself, in her editorials and essays she reported on her own dietary progress or her love life.

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