Police violence in Wisconsin: Seven shots in the back

Police violence in Wisconsin: Seven shots in the back

Another incident of police violence in the US: In the state of Wisconsin, a police officer shoots the black Jacob Blake down at close range.

Jacob Blake is his name. When the journalists went to the press, he was fighting for his life in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin. The 29-year-old black man was last on his feet on Sunday afternoon.

A video shows Blake in a sleeveless white shirt and short black shorts walking around the front of a gray car parked on the side of the road. One step behind him is a white policeman with a gun drawn, closely followed by several other policemen. When Blake opens the driver’s door to get into the car, the first cop grabs Blake’s white shirt with his left hand. With his right hand he often shoots the young man, whose shirt he is holding, in the back. A young black woman runs towards the scene, jumping and screaming in desperation on the asphalt. After seven shots have been fired, a horn sounds.

A neighbor has been the scene at the 40th Street and 28th Avenue in Kenosha, Wisconsin filmed. He had noticed when he heard an argument between two women in the street. After the portrayal of the filming neighbor, Blake approached the two women and tried to mediate. There were three small children in the back of the parked car. Blake and the young woman are the parents. The next thing in the video is “Fuck You!” Shouts from young people in the street. Policemen cordon off the scene with yellow plastic tape.

The renewed police violence in the US has sparked anger and protests. Laquisha Booker, Blake’s partner and mother of the three children in the back seat of the car, in front of whose eyes the father slumped, says of the police: “They overused it.” An older man, the local resident as Black Lives – Calling Matter activists, feels reminded at the crime scene of lynching scenes from the past and other deadly police operations against unarmed black men and women this summer.

During the night, angry young people in plastic slippers and T-shirts demonstrate in the city. The call comes out: “No justice – no peace!” Several cars and trucks go up in flames. And the Democratic governor of Wisconsin tweeted his condolences to the family. Governor Tony Evers hopes Blake will survive his injuries.

While the local authorities are imposing a night curfew, the police shooter is suspended from duty. The state Justice Department is investigating. Before dawn, another Jacob Blake, the father of the man shot down by the police, tweeted: “My son lives and is stable.”

Ben Crump, a lawyer specializing in police violence against young black people, joins the debate. This summer he also took over the representation of the relatives of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. In an initial tweet about the shooting in Kenosha, Crump writes that the children will be traumatized for their lives.

The seven shots aren’t the only police violence against black people this weekend in the United States. On Friday, a police officer shot a young black man in Lafayette, Louisiana. The 31-year-old Trayford Pellerin slumped in front of a gas station, fatally hit. The police had been called because of a “disturbance”. According to the police, he should have had a knife in his hand. His mother explains in an interview that Pellerin suffered from “anxiety”.

Two nights before demonstrations against police violence begin in Kenosha, young people in Lafayette roamed the city shouting “Black Lives Matter!”

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