Students barricaded themselves in Hong Kong University

Students barricaded themselves in Hong Kong University

“About a hundred more students have barricaded themselves in the university. Around 600 protesters had previously left the premises in the district Hung Hom, about 200 of them were under 18 years old”,-said Hong Kong Prime Minister Carrie Lam.

She hopes for a peaceful solution to the ongoing siege of Polytechnic University. She had instructed the police to deal with the situation “human”. She also called for an end to all violence before Sunday’s local elections in the Chinese Special Administrative Region.

Many of the younger demonstrators had been led overnight by a mediating group of middle school directors and celebrity campus personalities. The minors were reportedly able to go home after their personal details were taken by the police.

Hundreds of demonstrators had built barriers around the complex on Monday, several escape attempts were beaten back with rubber bullets and tear gas. Some demonstrators have been knocked down by officers and arrested at gunpoint.

Hong Kong’s universities had become new focal points of the protests last week. As a result, the students were sent early for the semester break.

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