Diego Maradona, already back to Gimnasia la Plata

Diego Maradona, already back to Gimnasia la Plata

After announcing his departure from his coaching position, the Argentine legend has reversed his decision.

World football legend Diego Maradona announced Thursday his return to coach Argentina’s Gimnasia La Plata two days after resigning.

“I am very happy to announce that I remain, coach of Gimnasia,” wrote Maradona on social networks. He explained his return to the position he left on Tuesday by the reestablishment of unity within the club. “All of us have finally achieved the political unity of the club,” he said. In this club that fights to maintain the first division, Maradona had justified his departure by that of President Gabriel Pellegrino, who did not seek his own succession in an internal election scheduled for Saturday. But “El Diez” had the support of thousands of supporters of his club.

“I hope they will provide the reinforcements they promised me,” wrote Maradona. The legend of Argentinian football, 59, has aroused tremendous popular fervor in La Plata. On the field, the results have been mixed, with three wins and five losses since taking office in September. They only allowed to go from the last to the penultimate position, ten days from the end of the championship. Maradona, retired as a player in 1997, has had an eventful coaching career, from Deportivo Mandiyu (Argentina) and racing to the national team, two Emirati clubs, and a Mexican, with constant doubts about his ability to lead a team.

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