Former UK lawmaker sentenced for sexual assaults

Former UK lawmaker sentenced for sexual  assaults

A former lawmaker from UK, Charles Elphicke, 49, was sentenced to two years in jail after being found guilty of sexually assaulting two women.
One woman worked for him as a parliamentary aide and the other as a nanny for his children.

“You are a sexual predator who used your success and respectability as a cover,” the judge Philippa Whipple said, adding that he had told a pack of lies to the jury, his wife, his party’s officials and the police.

“You suggested to each woman that this was something they wanted, that they had encouraged, that they had enjoyed. That was not true. They had not encouraged you or led you on. Your behaviour was also an abuse of power.”

She jailed him for two years.

Elphicke’s wife said her 25-year marriage was over after her husband’s conviction.

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