Italy placed on ‘red zone’ quarantine

Italy placed on 'red zone' quarantine

All of Italy has been placed on lockdown with all public gatherings cancelled and all schools and universities closed until next month, PM Conte said.
“There won’t be just a red zone,” Conte told reporters, referring to the restrictions imposed on the country’s north over the weekend. “There will be Italy.”

The restrictions include a blanket ban on any public gatherings, sporting events, and movement all over Italy.
Speaking at a televised press conference Giuseppe Conte said that a new government decree will require all people in Italy to demonstrate a need to work, health conditions or other limited reasons to travel outside the areas where they live.
“We all have to renounce something for the good of Italy,” Conte claimed, saying that the government would enact more stringent rules over the entire Italian peninsula.
The measures will take effect from Tuesday morning, extending those effected from a population of 16 million in the north of the country, to more than 60 million nationwide.

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