Japan’s head of government Abe apparently wants to resign

Japan's head of government Abe apparently wants to resign

The background is said to be a deterioration in Abe’s health. In Japan there has been speculation about the prime minister for a long time.
According to local media reports, Japan’s head of government Shinzo Abe will announce his resignation at a press conference on Friday. The background is a deterioration in his health, reported the broadcaster NHK. There has been speculation in Japan about Abe’s health for weeks, fueled by two recent hospital visits by the prime minister.
“Abe wants to resign because his illness has worsened,” reported NHK, without referring to a specific source. With the move, Abe wanted to prevent his state of health from affecting “national politics”. Abe wants to announce the resignation at a press conference in Tokyo scheduled for 5 p.m. on Friday (local time).
Abe is the longest-serving head of government in Japanese history. He was first elected to office in 2007, but resigned less than a year later because of a bowel disease. When he was re-elected head of government in 2012, he said he had overcome the disease.
In the past few weeks, however, Abe has struggled with an illness again, according to media reports. In July there were media reports that Abe spat blood. The rumors about the health of the 65-year-old were recently fueled by his decision to avoid press conferences during the corona pandemic. A few weeks ago, Abe’s party colleague Akira Amari indicated on a television appearance that the head of government needed a break.
In the corona pandemic, Abe crashed in the polls on his popularity. Japan has relatively few cases of infection in an international comparison. However, the government is accused of failing to cope with the economic consequences of the crisis.

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