Kremlin critic apparently poisoned: Navalny passed out in hospital

Kremlin critic apparently poisoned: Navalny passed out in hospital

The Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny is in the intensive care unit on a ventilator. His spokeswoman assumes another deliberate poisoning.

The Russian government critic Alexei Navalny is according to his spokeswoman with symptoms of poisoning in intensive care in a hospital. He was initially passed out. Kira Jarmysch announced this on Thursday morning at Telegram.

He was connected to a ventilator. “I am sure that he was poisoned on purpose,” Jarmysch told the radio station Echo Moswky. She asked the police to come to the hospital. The Ministry of Health of the Omsk Region also confirmed the incident.

A plane with the 44-year-old on board landed in the Siberian city of Omsk, then Navalny was taken to the hospital, according to Navalny’s team. The prominent anti-corruption fighter had repeatedly been attacked in the past. According to his spokeswoman Yarmysh, he was on a political tour in Siberia and started his return trip to Moscow on Thursday. According to her, he may have drunk some poisoned tea.

He told her during a flight on the way from Tomsk to Moscow that he was not feeling well. She tried to take care of him and calm him down. When she came back from the toilet, he lost consciousness while on board. The plane then landed in Omsk because of the emergency. Tea was the only thing he consumed.

Navalny is the leader of the liberal opposition. He was allegedly treated for allergy shock while in prison a year ago in a hospital. Navalny emphasized at the time that he could have been poisoned. In Russia, suspected poisoning has been an issue in the political environment in the past.

Navalny has many enemies in the power apparatus. He and his team regularly accuse the government and oligarchs of corruption and abuse of power. To do this, he publishes detailed research on social networks, where he has an audience of millions. Most recently, the authoritarian head of state of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, accused him of being behind the opposition protests in his country.

Navalny has also repeatedly organized nationwide protests in Russia in recent years. Tens of thousands of people followed his call – mostly young people.
The opposition is prevented from doing his job by the authorities, he regularly stressed. There are repeated raids in his offices. In 2017, the opposition was seriously injured in the eye by a color attack. He was taken to a hospital and later operated on in Spain.

The activist Pyotr Verilov, a member of the Russian political punk group Pussy Riot, also suspected the Russian secret service of having poisoned him in Moscow in 2018. He was treated in Berlin. Pussy Riot has become known worldwide for its spectacular actions against the arbitrariness of the judiciary and corruption.

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