Reluctance in Israel, protest in Gaza

Reluctance in Israel, protest in Gaza

The Israeli government plans to continue consulting with the United States before announcing annexation. Nevertheless, there are protests in Gaza.

In the Gaza Strip, tens of thousands of Palestinians have protested Israel’s plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. Many raised the Palestinian flag on Wednesday and chanted slogans against Israel and the United States, which are actively involved in preparing for the annexation. Among the participants in the major rally in Gaza City was Jihia al-Sinwar, head of Islamist Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

The coalition agreement of the Israeli government parties provided for the possibility of first annexation steps this Wednesday. But the project is apparently delayed due to inconsistencies with the US government. Israeli Minister for Regional Cooperation, Ofir Akunis, said on Wednesday: “The expansion of sovereignty will happen in July, but not before a declaration by US President Trump.”

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has called on Israel to refrain from annexation. He was concerned that the annexation plans would conflict with Israel’s long-term security interests, he wrote in a guest post in Hebrew for the Jediot Achronot newspaper. Annexation would violate international rules and jeopardize the improvement of Israel’s relations with the Arab world.

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