WHO – Coronavirus spreads further outside China

WHO – Coronavirus spreads further  outside China

At the WHO headquarters in Geneva, Bruce Aylward, who headed an international expert mission to China, warned that other nations were “simply not ready” to contain the outbreak.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has called for countries to “prepare for a potential pandemic” of coronavirus – a term used to describe an epidemic that spreads across multiple continents.
The virus has killed 2,715 people and infected more than 78,000 in China. There were 52 more deaths inside the country reported on Wednesday – the lowest in three weeks – with no fatalities outside the disease centre in central Hubei province.
On Wednesday, Beijing’s health commissioner announced that the capital would quarantine people for 14 days at home or in groups if they have been to countries seriously hit by the coronavirus.
The number of people infected with coronavirus all over the world is 90 980.

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